About Marian Rubenfeld, MD, PhD

I started my journey a long way from the Twin Cities, both geographically and philosophically. I was born to parents in the Bronx, in 1955. They were the children of immigrants. I was the first member of my family to enroll in College. When I attained my PhD from Columbia University, my family members chipped in money to buy me a necklace which had a small diamond as the single setting. I was delighted to receive such a gift, and I am still wearing it today. Unfortunately all the relatives who contributed to this special gift are gone, with the exception of my brother, but it means a great deal to me. It reminds me of my roots, what was given to me with love, and what I had to overcome to get here. It is my "diamond in the rough".

As a child I was curious about every little thing, but my two enduring loves were of literature and of science. As a child in junior high school, I was extremely lucky to be accepted to the Columbia University Science Honors Program, an honors program which met every Saturday on the campus of Columbia University in the city of New York. I was one of the youngest people there, taking courses in a wide range of interests.

My love for both literature and science competed with one another through my graduation from the Bronx High School of Science, and even through Barnard College, where I was a biochemistry major with a minor in literature. During the second half of Barnard College, I chose to pursue sciences, because I was not convinced that I had it in me to be one of the "great writers". I think, on the whole, that that was a wise decision, but still today I have a love for both subjects.

I think that is why I practice what, for lack of a better term, is a humanistic medical support service: taking the time to fully investigate patients' problems, and helping them cope with them. My patients are all long-term; they have problems which demand a long view and extra effort. If you are sent to me, be assured that I will not rest until I do you some good, make your life more tolerable to you. That is the true nature of neuro-ophthalmology, and what I try to serve.

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